Paul Lloyd

Managing Partner and Co-Chief Executive Officer
Paul has a 26 year career in servicing of European debt products, including corporate loans, CRE loans, export credits, CDOs, CLOs, and numerous other structured credit products. In 1997, Paul launched Morgan Stanley Mortgage Servicing, then Europe’s first CMBS servicer and grew MSMS to £10bn in CRE loans and bonds by 2005. In 2005 Paul founded Deutsche Bank’s CMBS Servicing & Special Servicing platforms, and grew those to €20bn of CRE debt across 14 jurisdictions by 2009. From 2009 to 2012 Paul was European Head of Servicing at CBRE managing c. £12bn of loans and c. 2,000 properties. Paul’s hands-on expertise in leading servicing businesses in Europe is second to none.